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A Company of Passionate Professional Photographers

Professional Services: For Schools, Corporates & Families


Professional Services: For Schools, Corporates & Families


Professional Services: For Schools, Corporates & Families


Professional Services: For Schools, Corporates & Families

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Web & Graphic Design

We walk with you and your thought process from an idea to implementation. We believe in you.

Customized Solutions

We spend time in understanding your needs and style, hence create customized solution that fits your wallet and at the same time fulfills the goal.

Smart Admin

With our team of smart engineers we build smart and handy admin for your organization to check on revenue reports along with pictures & events.

Cloud Base

Unlike others, you can access our services from anywhere and on any devices. With cloud based technology and robust solutions, the feature is enable for all not just for organization but for participants as well.

Profit Sharing

We work on the model of profit sharing where in its a win-win situation for all. Its no more expense but rather another means of revenue generation.



We are a company you can trust! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee provides you with the reassurance that we are going to do everything in our power to make sure you have the best client experience with us.



Security is one of our top priorities. Information via our system is accessible via appropriate credentials only, with no data leak anywhere.

Useful Support

Each individual team member with us is in place to excel in their role – giving you the best coverage quality, the best portrait/albums and the best customer service.

Free Online Gallery

Free access is given to families to check on school pictures of their loved ones, however with no compromise to security, all access is via secured username & password.

User Friendly

Checking your or your family members valuable moments with just few clicks was never possible earlier, we tried to make our system as user friendly as possible.


Built for Sharing

We optimize our files for sharing memorable moments on social media networks. We partner with you in your joy & feel proud when you share such click moments with family & friends.

Payment Option

Online payment option has been enabled in order to reduce the manual time and effort. You can choose what you want to buy with no conditions attached, its simple and straight forward yet secure.

Affordable Pricing

We offer solutions at affordable prices. It does not mean that we are cheap. We are very proud in producing top quality, visually stunning work at a fair price.

Premium Quality

Quality is one of our top priorities, be it clicks or customer support, all our team players understand the value of keeping customers happy with utmost quality.


Proactive Information

Information is shared with all the participants in proactive manner so that there is enough lead time for everybody to get prepared in time.


A fresh alternative to traditional photography and video shoots just for you, from mapping out photographer’s timeline to organizing your photos online.