Event Coverage

If your organization needs photographic coverage for meetings, conferences, conventions, galas, award presentations, fund raising events, holiday party events, Christmas parties, sporting events, non-profit events, corporate retreats, dances, or other special events, you don’t need to look further, you are at the right place! Our candid style as an event photographers allows us to capture you and your guests at their best.

Virtual Tours

To have a edge in this competitive market you need to showcase what you got and virtual tour is an excellent way to showcase  the same. Anyone looking at the virtual tour can actually experience the feel of your school / organization room by room. Parents are always keep before the admission as to how the school will look like from inside, so here we are covering all such aspects for your school / organization.

Facility Shoot

We work on Facility shoot photography with a statement of American architect Julia Morgan who once said “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.“. We are the one who make your exterior, interior design, landscape, and building product photography shine. A picture is worth thousand words, and it goes for both personal as well as professional levels.

Corporate Packages

Customized packages covering but not limited to

  1. Necessary ID cards for your staff and if need be and as per your requirement, create ID’s for each student as well
  2. Planning Calendars
  3. Sticker Pages for each classroom

Smart Admin for your school: With our team of smart engineers we built smart and handy admin for your organization to check on revenue reports along with pictures & events.

  • Cloud base solution
  • Event module
  • Notification module
  • Payment module
  • Gallery module
  • Event module